SHINE A LIGHT. Somewhat of a mashup.

A third and (for the time being) last Scorsese video to help bring some attention to the mini Scorsese retrospective being held at Flagey (

We start of with a shot from Shine a Light the Rolling Stones concert film that again shows some flashbulbs and ends with a New York vista (although I did not let the shot play to the end) and you can see Martin Scorsese urging the camera to go up.

Followed by a clip from the Mark Cousins interview with Scorsese for the BBC series Scene by Scene, the bit where Scorsese is referring to his personal lack of technical skills.
Next up, a short clip from After Hours, namely Scorsese director’s cameo. We end with a few seconds from Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou to make clear this video was supposed to be funny, at least I think it is.

Jan Bollen

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