Bringing Out the Dead: Scorsese, Mackendrick and (Happy 80th birthday mr.) Woody Allen.

Another film which is being shown 6 times as part of the Scorsese retrospective at Flagey ( is Bringing Out the Dead. I’ve prepared a video (a lot shorter than the previous one) featuring 2 clips from a sequence from Scorsese’s Bringing Out the Dead, both preceded by a scene that he’s paying homage to.

We start of with a clip from Sweet Smell of Success, one of Scorsese’s favourite Alexander Mackendrick films. We see Burt Lancaster appear on a huge balcony of a private residence overlooking New York followed by Scorsese’s nod to this scene, this time with Nicholas Cage stepping on a balcony.

Next up, a clip from the opening of Woody Allen’s Manhattan, the fireworks/Gershwin sequence -a nice way for Back to the Cinema to pay tribute to Woody Allen on his 80th birthday- followed by the continuation of the scene from Bringing Out the Dead, Scorsese ending it with some fireworks of his own.

Jan Bollen

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