Top 10 movies 1955

  1. The Night of the Hunter.
    (Charles Laughton)
  2. Kiss Me Deadly + The Big Knife.
    (Robert Aldrich)
  3. Rebel without a cause.
    (Nicholas Ray)
  4. Lola Montès.
    (Max Ophüls)
  5. Les Diaboliques.
    (Henri-Georges Clouzot)
  6. All that Heaven allows.
    (Douglas Sirk)
  7. Bad Day at Black Rock.
    (John Sturges)
  8. Violent Saturday + Girl in the Red Velvet Swing.
    (Richard Fleischer)
  9. The Big Combo.
    (Joseph H. Lewis)
  10. The Ladykillers.
    (Alexander Mackendrick)

    Would not have been misplaced in my top 10 either / Hadden eveneens niet misstaan in mijn top 10:
    The Lady and the Tramp.
    (Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson)
    (Carl Theodor Dreyer)
    Du Rififi chez les Hommes. (Rififi)
    (Jules Dassin)
    The Man from Laramie.
    (Anthony Mann)
    Sommarnattens Leende. (Smiles of a Summer Night)
    (Ingmar Bergman)
    The Phenix City Story.
    (Phil Karlson)
    The Far Country. (Anthony Mann)
    (David Lean)
    Pokolenie. (A Generation) (Andrzej Wadja)
    Tennessee’s Partner. (Allan Dwan)
    Pather Panchali. (Song of the Little Road)
    (Satyajit Ray)

    Not bad either / Voorts ook genoten van:
    The Seven Year Itch. (Billy Wilder)
    Meeuwen sterven in de haven. (Roland Verhavert, Rik Kuypers, Ivo Michiels)
    Un Soir de joie. (A ‘Soir’ Full of Joy) (Gaston Schoukens)
    Le Amiche. (Michelangelo Antonioni)
    Killer’s Kiss. (Stanley Kubrick)
    Ensayo de un crimen. (The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz) (Luis Buñuel)
    Muerta de un ciclista. (Death of a Cyclist) (Juan Antonio Bardem)
    House of Bamboo. (Samuel Fuller)
    To Catch a Thief. (Alfred Hitchcock)
    White Feather. (Robert D Webb)
    Wichita. (Jacques Tourneur)
    While the City Sleeps + Moonfleet. (Fritz Lang)
    The Man with the golden Arm. (Otto Preminger)
    Marty. (Delbert Mann)
    Il Bidone. (Federico Fellini)
    Land of the Pharaohs. (Howard Hawks)
    The Treasure of Pancho Villa. (George Sherman)
    Mister Roberts. (John Ford)
    Les Grandes Manoeuvres. (The Grand Maneuver) (René Clair)

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