Top 10 movies 1946

  1. A Matter of Life and Death.
    (Michael Powell)
  2. The Postman always Rings Twice.
    (Tay Garnett)
  3. Paisà. (Paisan)
    (Roberto Rossellini)
  4. Canyon Passage.
    (Jacques Tourneur)
  5. Notorious.
    (Alfred Hitchcock)
  6. It’s a Wonderful Life.
    (Frank Capra)
  7. La Bataille du Rail.
    (René Clément)
  8. The Big Sleep.
    (Howard Hawks)
  9. Great Expectations.
    (David Lean)
  10. Humoresque + Nobody Lives Forever + Three Strangers.
    (Jean Negulesco)

    Would not have been misplaced in my top 10 either / Hadden eveneens niet misstaan in mijn top 10:
    The Verdict.
    (Don Siegel)
    My Darling Clementine.
    (John Ford)
    Duel in the Sun.
    (King Vidor)
    Brute force.
    (Jules Dassin)
    The Killers.
    (Robert Siodmak)
    The Razor’s Edge.
    (Edmund Goulding)
    (Charles Vidor)

    Not bad either / Voorts ook genoten van:
    Sciuscia. (Shoeshine) (Vittorio de Sica)
    Sylvie et le fantôme. (Sylvia and the Phantom) (Claude Autant-Lara)
    La Belle et la Bête. (Beauty and the Beast) (Jean Cocteau)
    Green for Danger. (Sidney Galliat)
    The Dark Corner. (Henry Hathaway)
    Cluny Brown. (Ernst Lubitsch)
    Bedlam. (Mark Robson)
    Cloak and Dagger. (Fritz Lang)
    The Stranger. (Orson Welles)
    The Best Years of Our Lives. (William Wyler)
    Dragonwyck. (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
    A Night in Casablanca. (Achie L. Mayo)
    Dark Passage. (Delmar Daves)
    Ziegfield Follies. (Vincente Minnelli)
    San Quentin. (Gordon Douglas)
    Lady in the Lake. (Robert Montgomery)

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