Top 10 movies 1988

  1. Topio stin omichli. (Landscape in the Mist)
    (Theo Angelopoulos)
  2. Tucker: the Man and His Dream.
    (Francis Ford Coppola)
  3. Distant Voices, Still Lives.
    (Terence Davies)
  4. Krótki film o zabijaniu. (A Short Film About Killing)
    (Krzysztof Kieslowski)
  5. Drowning by Numbers.
    (Peter Greenaway)
  6. Dangerous Liaisons.
    (Stephen Frears)
  7. Dead Ringers.
    (David Cronenberg)
  8. They  Live.
    (John Carpenter)
  9. Une Affaire de Femmes. (Story of Women)
    (Claude Chabrol)
  10. L’oeuvre au noir.
    (André Delvaux)

    Would not have been misplaced in my top 10 either / Hadden eveneens niet misstaan in mijn top 10:
    The Unbearable lightness of Being.
    (Philip Kaufman)
    Beetlejuice. (Tim Burton)
    Die Hard. (John McTiernan)
    Eight Men Out. (John Sayles)
    Medea. (Lars von Trier)
    La leggenda del santo bevitore. (The Legend of the Holy Drinker) (Ermanno Olmi)
    The Last Temptation of Christ. (Martin Scorsese)
    Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. (Giuseppe Tornatore)
    Running on Empty. (Sidney Lumet)
    A Fish Called Wanda. (Charles Crichton)

    Not bad either / Voorts ook genoten van:
    Bird. (Clint Eastwood)
    Track 29. (Nicolas Roeg)
    The Navigator: a Medieval Story. (Vincent Ward)
    Le Maître de Musique. (The Music Teacher) (Gerard Corbiau)
    Talk Radio. (Oliver Stone)
    The Moderns. (Alan Rudolph)
    Mississippi Burning. (Alan Parker)
    Krótki film o milosci. (A Short Film About Love) (Krzysztof Kieslowski)
    The Thin Blue Line. (Errol Morris)
    Wong gok ka moon. (As Tears go by) (Wong Kar Wai)
    Married to the Mob. (Jonathan Demme)
    36 Fillette. (Catherine Breillat)
    Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios. (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown) (Pedro Almodóvar)
    Rain Man. (Barry Levinson)
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit. (Robert Zemeckis)
    The Lair of the White Worm. (Ken Russell)
    Betrayed. (Constantin Costa-Gavras)
    Ariel. (Aki Kaurismäki)
    High Hopes. (Mike Leigh)
    A World Apart. (Chris Menges)
    Le Grand Bleu. (Luc Besson)
    Another Woman. (Woody Allen)
    Stormy Monday. (Mike Figgis)
    School Daze. (Spike Lee)
    Salom’s Last Dance. (Ken Russell)
    Biloxi Blues + Working Girl. (Mike Nichols)
    Bagdad Café. (Percy Adlon)
    The Accused. (Jonathan Kaplan)

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