Top 10 movies 1948

  1. The Red Shoes.
    (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger)
  2. Ladri di Biciclette. (Bicycle Thieves)
    (Vittorio de Sica)
  3. Letter from an Unkown Woman + Caught.
    (Max Ophüls)
  4. Yellow Sky.
    (William A. Wellman)
  5. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
    (John Huston)
  6. Rope.
    (Alfred Hitchcock)
  7. Red River.
    (Howard Hawks)
  8. Anni difficili. (Difficult Years)
    (Luigi Zampa)
  9. Unfaithfully Yours.
    (Preston Sturges)
  10. Clochemerle. (Scandals of Clochemerle)
    (Pierre Chenal)

    Would not have been misplaced in my top 10 either / Hadden eveneens niet misstaan in mijn top 10:
    He Walked by Night.
    (Alfred Werker, Anthony Mann)
    La Terra trema.
    (Luchino Visconti)
    The Lady from Shanghai + Macbeth
    (Orson Welles)
    The Fallen Idol.
    (Carol Reed)
    Road House.
    (Jean Negulesco)
    Brighton Rock.
    (John Boulting)
    A Foreign Affair.
    (Billy Wilder)
    Oliver Twist.
    (David Lean)
    They Live by Night.
    (Nicolas Ray)
    Yoidore Tenshi. (Drunken Angel)
    (Akira Kurosawa)
    Key Largo.
    (John Huston)
    The Iron Curtain.
    (William A. Wellman)

    Not bad either / Voorts ook genoten van:
    The Big Clock. (John Farrow)
    Ruthless. (Edgar G. Ulmer)
    State of the Union. (Frank Capra)
    Cry of the City. (Robert Siodmak)
    Riso Amaro (Bitter Rice) (Giuseppe De Santis)
    The Secret beyond the Door. (Fritz Lang)
    The Pirate. (Vincente Minnelli)
    L’amore. (Roberto Rossellini)
    Act of Violence. (Fred Zinneman)
    Fort Apache + Three Godfathers. (John Ford)
    Call Northside 77. (Henry Hathaway)
    Hamlet. (Laurence Olivier)
    River Lady. (George Sherman)
    That Lady in Ermine. (Ernst Lubitsch)
    Pitfall. (André de Toth)
    Angel in Exile. (Allan Dawn)
    Portrait of Jennie. (William Dieterle)
    The Street with No Name. (William Keighley)
    Easter Parade. (Charles Vidor)
    Le Silence de la mer. (Jean-Pierre Melville)

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