Top 10 movies 1947

  1. Odd Man Out.
    (Carol Reed)
  2. Out of the Past.
    (Jacques Tourneur)
  3. Black Narcissus.
    (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger)
  4. Monsieur Verdoux.
    (Charles Chaplin)
  5. T-Men + Desperate.
    (Anthony Mann)
  6. Ride the Pink Horse.
    (Robert Montgomery)
  7. The Devil Thumbs a Ride.
    (Felix E. Feist)
  8. The Ghost and Mrs Muir + The Late George Apley.
    (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
  9. Kiss of Death.
    (Henry Hathaway)
  10. Quai des Orfèvres.
    (Henri-Georges Clouzot)

    Would not have been misplaced in my top 10 either / Hadden eveneens niet misstaan in mijn top 10:
    Born to Kill.
    (Robert Wise)
    The Lost Moment.
    (Martin Gabel)
    Le Silence est d’or. (Man About Town)
    (René Clair)
    Body and Soul.
    (Robert Rosson)
    It Always Rains on Sunday.
    (Robert Hamer)

    Not bad either / Voorts ook genoten van:
    Persued. (Raoul Walsh)
    Germania, anno zero. (Germany Year Zero) (Roberto Rossellini)
    Le diable au corps. (Devil in the Flesh) (Claude Autant-Laura)
    Ramrod. (André De Toth)
    Nightmare Alley. (Edmund Goulding)
    The Woman on the Beach. (Jean Renoir)
    13 Rue Madeleine. (Henry Hathaway)
    Le Café du Cabran. (Henri Decoin, Jean Gehret)
    Boomerang! (Elia Kazan)
    The Private Affairs of Bel Ami. (Albert Levin)
    Hue and Cry. (Charles Crichton)
    The Unsuspected. (Michael Curtiz)
    Magic Town. (William A. Wellman)
    Cass Timberlane. (George Sidney)
    The Paradine Case. (Alfred Hitchcock)
    The Fugitive. (John Ford)

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