DEADPOOL. Marvel goes Kick-Ass.


In the opening credit scene -shot in some bullet time The Matix-like photography- instead of the usual type credits, we get some credits altered/approved by the character Deadpool of a more “truthful” nature. In stead of director it says “an overpaid tool”, the writers are referred to as “the real heroes here” the production company credit reads “some douchebag’s film” and the film is “produced by some asshats”. Stan Lee’s obligatory cameo -who’s visibily enjoying himself as a DJ in a strip club- gets a similar kind of mentioning.
The tone is set immediately, this will not be your typical superhero movie. The character Deadpool constantly breaks the fourth wall and directly addresses the audience commenting in a rather raunchy manner on the action at hand, action which is rougher and the sex scenes more racy that you would expect to see in a Hollywood blockbuster. The humor obviously lets the filmmakers get away with more, eventough the film is R rated.

The film is fast paced, goes back and forward in time, has a revenge and a romance driven plot and over the top violence. Ryan Reynolds is hilarious as Wade Wilson who’s turned into the unlikely superhero Deadpool who after some experimental “treatment” to cure his cancer has some not so nice-looking side effects and some accelerated healing powers. He’s determined to take down ‘his maker’.
The film is full of popular cultural references, Reynolds is taking the piss out of himself, especially the way fun is being made of Green Lantern (2011) is priceless, as is thevcomment that the X-Men academy (Deadpool is a character that is part of the X-Men Marvel universe) appears to be populated by just 2 characters.

A more obscure reference to Monty Pyhton and the Holy Grail (1975) can be found in the fight scene between Deadpool and Colossus. Just compare the ‘swordfight’ scene that leaves a fearless knight dismembered with the fight scene in which Deadpool breaks his ankles and wrists as he continues to fight Colossus against better judgement.
The film can hardly be compared to any of the other films in the Marvel canon so far. If you’ve enjoyed such films as Shoot ‘Em Up (2007) and the Kick-Ass films (2010 & 2013) -the 2 films which I feel tonally come closest to Deadpool- this is the film for you.

Jan Bollen
(some self-proclaimed douchebag film critic)


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