VIVRE SA MORT. Confrontational doc about euthanasia.

Vivre sa mort

Manu Bonmariage is a documentary filmmaker best known for his contributions to the popular RTBF doc. series ‘Strip-Tease’ and a couple of feature films. Occasionally one of his documentaries hits the movie theaters, like Les amants d’assises (Lovers on Trial, 1992) or earlier this year Vivre sa mort (Living once Death, 2015).

Bonmariage follows two men in their sixties who both have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. We get to see them in the final stages of their lifes being confronted with their imminent death. They both opt for euthanasia.

The first man Philippe Rondeux is a patient in a catholic hosipital whose doctor keeps avoiding to confirm if he’ll help with his request in the end. The other man Manu de Coster is a surgeon himself and has arranged everything to the last detail with his fellow colleagues.

Vivre sa mort airs on Canvas this sunday 29 november 2015 starting at 21h50. I guess by now you’ve realised that if you decide to watch it you won’t have a casual entertaining evening with a lot of laughs. Confrontational as it may be, it really is a must see documentary which you’ll never ever forget and which will confront you to think about questions you’ll sooner or later may/will have to answer yourself.

Jan Bollen

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